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Welcome to DANK, Directory Assistance for Nug Knowledge, here to help you find the information you are looking for.

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Need Drug war information? Click Here

Is medical marijuana for you? What is the law where you live? How do you get started? How do I use marijuana as medicine?  If you have any questions about marijuana as medicine, check with the people you find in this list.

This image was used by the US Government back when they WANTED us to grow Industrial Hemp, the last time it was necessary to save our economy.  All over America farmers are starting to realize that growing hemp may be able to save the dying industry in America.  Check out the links here to learn more about industrial hemp including the amazing things we can be doing with the plant. For Hemp products, please check out our "Green" Retailers page under Environment.

No Victim, No Crime.  That is how many of us at DANK and within the DANK network view the situation.  We are currently locking people up in prisons owned by private corporations, who are lobbyists in Washington DC, working to lock more people up for profit, bragging at stock holder meetings about the effectiveness of their tactics, making money off of issues which are not crimes.  We need to do all we can to bring out in the open the corruption that allows this evil cycle to continue, else we ALL become literally ENSLAVED, as our prison population basically is. The organizations in this area are in the front line of the drug war everyday...take a look, get involved.

Anti-Drug war student groups are a little bit harder to find, so please take a look at what we have here and email us any other links you may have that fit the Student Focus of this page. (Remember, D.A.N.K is not in any way endorsing the use of ANY  drug, only education and choice.)

Hemp Festival anyone?  Look for one near you here!

Marijuana is not in the Bible? Says who...check with some of these churches to find out about marijuana in the history of religion and some of the different spiritualities around the world.

Click here to check out some great bands that are pro-unity, pro-pot or otherwise D.A.N.K oriented.  We have also left space to include artists-just send us a link and pic!

Not only is cannabis-hemp a wonderful plant, there are a lot of plants that are also involved in the current wave of new sustainable products, check them out here and also find links to HEMP RETAILER and other great "green" companies.

Just click here if you feeling, bored, or like there is nothing else to learn, or you are  just too...you know...faded to focus...check out these links.

ABOUT YOU!!! Please sign our guest book, tell us what you think, we love hearing funny jokes and news stories!

We have found so many sites on the legalization issue and the drug war, that it would be impossible to list them all right off the bat, so if you are looking for something and haven't found it on D.A.N.Kinfo, then please check out these other great lists, heck, check them out anyway...there is just SO MUCH GOOD INFO