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Hemp, Bamboo, Corn...all of these are things can currently use to create a myriad of products including clothing, plastics and building materials. Below you will soon see a list of links to retailers of these and other "green" products.

Specialists in Hemp Clothing

World Famous Hemp Soaps and Shampoos

Eugene, OR based bio-diesel car retailer, specializing in converting diesel engines for grease power.

Need a new coat?  Go no farther than Hemp Hoodlambs, a hemp coat worth every penny.

Not only a sponsor and not only an expert on Cannabis and the Bible, but also a great source of wearable hemp inspiration.

Hemp Clothing and Products

Hemp lipbalm and similar products, more flavors and combinations than we can list here.

Pure Anywear, based in Truckee, CA sells a wide variety of hemp products from hoodies to sandals...all with some version of the Mystic Lion

Tie Dyed Hemp twine and rope for all your projects...purchase here and you are supporting a long time activist.

Shops 4 Hemp...a HUGE resource of hemp product retailers.