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This space will soon contain links to those who have strongly supported our beginnings...we will list sponsors as we find them.

Bruce Margolin, NORML Founder, Yoga Enthusiast, Father, Friend, Warrior for all that is right, and an excellent expert attorney.  Many Thanks to Bruce for all of the support.

Thank you, Skunk!! (and Gooey)

Broke Man's Money Portal

Rodney Lewis of Broke Man's Money Portal and Seattle Hempfest proudly supports Dankinfo, drug legalization, and any endeavor to preserve our God-given civil rights.

A fearless fighter for justice, Melanie Metzger now runs a website, makepotlegal555.org.  Drop by here for links to your legislators, and to make a great friend in the fight for marijuana legalization and drug law reform.  Thank you Melanie for your donations as well as the outpouring of moral support and prayers.

Voter Power is an Oregon organization that supports patients in many ways, including assistance with medical referrals, petitioning and lobbying for patients rights in the State of Oregon.  Thank you for supporting DANK

Also, Thanks to Lee Berger, who has remarkably been able to avoid a serious "Googling" and show up nothing, but still has done a great deal in the State of Oregon.

Lucas Hemp Co., Where you can wear your peace where ever you go!  Thanks Jeff.